About Us


This is me. I run this empire. Sometimes I wish I didn’t because it’s hard. But then I say “oh right….God called me to do this.” And I get back to work. Most recently I appeared in Miracles From Heaven with Jen Garner. She’s so cool. I want to be her BFF in real life like I was in the movie but I can’t figure out how to do that without a restraining order being involved somehow. I will also be in the upcoming film Gifted with Octavia Spenser and Chris Evans because I don’t want people to say I am living off my children.

This is Mackenzie. She’s 19. She wanted nothing to do with acting until she was 13 and she saw the crap ton of money her brother and sister were making while she babysat. Her first audition landed her a screen test for True Grit which she didn’t get, but it made her say “Hey, I might could do this.” And she did. She went on to star in Under the Dome on CBS 2 years later. Now she’s unemployed again and freaking out. Don’t worry Kenz. God’s got you.

This is Madison.

This is Madison. She liked acting but one day she did not at all feel like auditioning for a little show called The Walking Dead. I made her do it anyway and she gave me one take. That one take landed her the role of Sophia and her life completely changed. All because I am epic at stage momming. Thank God for me, Madi Moo. She now stars on Bosch for Amazon Prime.

This is Matt.

This is Matt. He has been working since the age of 5 because that’s how we roll here at Team Lintz. Weight must be pulled. You can see him most recently starring opposite Adam Sandler in Pixels and in the upcoming Civil War drama, The Free State of Jones. Matt screen tested 7 times this year for his next project and got told NO, SORRY, BYE all 7 times. Will he keep going like Frodo to Mount Doom? Stay tuned.


And finally, this is little Macsen. He’s so dang cute even though I am now too tired to parent him effectively. Pray for him. He has also acted since the age of 4 but retires on a regular basis. He last appeared in the LAST scene of the LAST episode of his sisters show, Under the Dome. He literally SHUT DOWN the show. He’s so powerful.